Exploring very low carbohydrate intake

Tomorrow, begins my thirty day journey into this lifestyle change.  I call it the carb blast.  One might think this is all about eating pasta and bread, quite the opposite.  My consumption will entail eating high fat and moderate protein.  Eating less than 20 grams of carbohydrate a day is not for the weak hearted.   Tonight, I prepare my mind for what is about to come.  Deprivation, yes this has many faces.  Physiology in theory will eventually be returned closer to its more natural state.

I am not without tools and have hope to share this journey with you.  Having been a health care provider and treating over 80,000 patients over twenty years gives me a slight advantage.  Having the will is the hardest part to maintain this course.  what is innate anymore?  Almost all of us want to live longer and be stronger, right.

joel lueskow



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