Gluconeogenesis a concept that is hard for many to swallow

Don’t let this word scare you.  It is a major reason why so many low carbohydrate diets work so well.  It’s often pronounced incorrectly on you tube by many who claim to be diet experts.  I knew I had to open with this subject when I had a conversation with a colleague of mine.  She didn’t know what this was and that troubled me as she was advising people on their health.  This inspired me to get the word out.  To put it simply your body can create sugar without having to consume it.  Maybe this is an oversimplification but it’s important to know.  As an aside its significant to know the balancing act of blood glucose too.  Your liver primarily does a great job at this process and almost always has some glucose on hand to dump if conditions call for it. In normal physiological settings this is further aided by hormones.  The low end or low blood glucose scenario relates to dumping sugar into the blood under the control of Glucagon a hormone.  If you have hypoglycemia or Low blood sugar issues (uncommon) then you might want to stay clear of low carbohydrate diets.  However, insulin on the other hand gets released when blood glucose is too high.  Insulin, release unfortunately with western diets or modern diets gets over taxed by far and is one of the leading causes of disease, death and early aging.   In summary, don’t let the term scare you off it’s not necessary to know the numerous steps in the process but just know it works and that is often good enough.

Thanks for reading

Joel Lueskow




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