Off to a great start

Yesterday, I pounded water all day.  One of the most important first key steps.  I used only 2 supplements vital reds and brain octane.  Mixing the regimen for nutritional support has value.  I will explain later.

Today feeling a little weak at times and my concentration has not been great.  I am looking forward to the rush of mental clarity that many experience with the onset of ketosis. This is quite a unique feeling if you have been eating a lot of carbs for your diet.

I realize there is so much information on the net that it’s often difficult to analyze what is correct.  Well eating nuts may not be truly paleo and for many on keto this may not be OK either.  My consumption of spinach, almond butter, macadamia nuts and oysters was not bad and unlikely to rob my body of any key minerals.  If you have a study on this please share.

Thanks for reading





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