Carb blast fast a bust

Time to reset the clock in my  mind and try this again tomorrow.  I’m disappointed as a binge of protein occurred but still staying true to my under the 20 gram carb intake program.  We need to really blast the water early on to help prevent the hunger.  Unfortunately, I waited too long to do this.  Still on track with the plan and I would advise some elasticity in when you decide to fast.  Keeping the protein intake around 1 gram per kilogram of body weight is ideal but you can do less and still not have any  muscle wasting.  Fat will suppress your hunger too. If you feel hungry increase your fat intake.  I have seen a lot of information regarding this recommendation and some say unlimited.  Wow, I’m just not going to try that.  In my previous attempt where I lost about 9/10ths of a pound a day for thirty days my fat intake ranged from 80 to 120 grams daily.  Back to the drawing board for tomorrow.

Joel Lueskow

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