Reset the clock

Feel sluggish and tired all the time.  Odds are carbohydrate intake is either the culprit or making things worse for you in some way.  I have had to reset the clock with my program. The time table has changed and I have to start over.  The good news is I have lost a little more than 10 pounds and I am much closer to my goal.  My objective has a new start date.  Getting myself to 188 is much easier now and I’m just closing the gap on my objective.  This type of reset is alright especially if you go off course for a few days.  The first of the month for me at least is easier than a random day.  It just has a better feel.  So, if you have had some success just don’t go to crazy on your cheat days.  Binge eating can occur.  Ultimately, it’s not a problem to reset the time table just try to have only one day a week of excess carbs and definitely don’t go over 100 grams.  These deficits are hard to overcome.  We will be back on track soon.

Joel Lueskow

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