Busting your belling won’t break the bank

Over the years, I heard a lot of excuses of why people couldn’t diet or try to loose weight.  Many people believe you must have money to do this; nothing could be further from the truth.  I found initially there was an extra expense getting started but my grocery bills actually went down over the… Continue reading Busting your belling won’t break the bank

Weight Fluctuations

Day 15 and not nearly as good as results from previous attempts at this low carbohydrate plan.  This could largely be due to weight fluctuations most notably from water intake and output as well as bowel content.  I started at 223.4 pounds; yesterday day fourteen my weight was right at 213.  My past experience was… Continue reading Weight Fluctuations

Off to a great start

Yesterday, I pounded water all day.  One of the most important first key steps.  I used only 2 supplements vital reds and brain octane.  Mixing the regimen for nutritional support has value.  I will explain later. Today feeling a little weak at times and my concentration has not been great.  I am looking forward to… Continue reading Off to a great start